Liposuction Revision

Liposuction Revision

Liposuction Revision

Liposuction Revision

With the rise of physicians performing cosmetic surgery without a board certification in plastic surgery, more and more liposuction procedures are being performed by inexperienced surgeons.
Lured by cheap pricing, it is not uncommon for patients to receive defective liposuction results from inexperienced surgeons. In some unfortunate cases, the patient’s body is more abnormal after the procedure than before.
Liposuction revision is a treatment that corrects poorly performed liposuction. It is much more complex than other cosmetic revisions, since the malfunction from the first surgery will need to be corrected, while still sculpting the patient’s figure, where the mark was missed the first time.
With training in multiple liposuction techniques and a board certification in plastic surgery, Dr. Matthew Nykiel in Ontario, CA has ample experience correcting liposuction.

What Problems Can Revision Liposuction Correct?

Are you unhappy with your body after a liposuction treatment? Revision liposuction can correct a range of cosmetic problems caused by incorrect liposuction techniques. Defects caused by liposuction are typically created by forceful, uneven, or insufficient fat removal from the body.

  • Uneven fat removal. In some miscalculated liposuction treatments, the patient’s body has protruding areas of fat next to crags of missing fat. This causes an uneven and unsightly appearance.

  • Not enough fat is extracted. Another common mistake occurs when the plastic surgeon fails to remove enough fat, defeating the purpose of having surgery in the first place.

  • Too much fat removal. Sometimes inexperienced liposuction surgeons get too aggressive with the quantity of fat they are removing, which can make your figure disproportioned.

Oftentimes, patients do not realize they are unhappy with their liposuction surgery, until they experience changes in weight, skin tightening, or a growth in muscle tone.
Bad outcomes from liposuction are often caused by inexperienced doctors, using poor judgement during patient evaluations, poor surgical techniques, or in some cases, by patient mistakes in the post-op healing process. In almost all liposuction blunders, the outcome can be improved with revision liposuction.

How Does Revision Liposuction Work?

Liposuction revision, sometimes referred to as liposuction correction, uses a variety of fat transfer and liposculpture techniques. Using liposculpture, Dr. Nykiel is able to remove excess fat cells in problem areas, where fat is accumulating and protruding. Liposculpture techniques allow Dr. Nykiel to smooth out the area, creating an even surface on your skin.
In craggy areas where indentations are present, Dr. Nykiel uses a fat transfer technique, where he harvests fat from another area of the body, then injects it into the flattened area to even out your body. In most cases, revisions are implemented through your initial incision scar, so you will not have to worry about new scarring.

Recover from Revision Liposuction

Recovery from revision liposuction will depend on the area being treated, as well as the extent of the original surgery. After you revision surgery, you might experience some minor discomfort, swelling or bruising.
The results of your correction surgery can last a lifetime, if the transplanted fat cells remain alive. In some more complicated cases, you might need to have some touch up treatments after your follow-up appointment.

Are You a Candidate for Liposuction Revision?

Before undergoing liposuction revision, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nykiel to determine your candidacy. Most patients that have undergone a wrongly executed liposuction treatment will be eligible for revision surgery. However, in some cases, where too much fat has been removed or other surgeries might hurt your health, then we will recommend an alternative to liposuction revision.
In some cases, where damage is done to the superficial fatty layer, we might recommend combining liposuction revision with a skin tightening procedure, or other cosmetic treatments. It is also important to remember that liposuction is not a weight loss surgery, meaning that you will still need to diet and exercise after your revision.

Schedule a Consultation with Butts by Design for Revision Liposuction

If you are unhappy with your original liposuction treatment, you do not have to live with the results. However, it is important to keep in mind that revision surgery for liposuction requires more surgical skill than other revisions, since your physician will need to be trained and experienced in fat transfer and liposculpture.
Before choosing the cheapest option, make sure that you do some research by asking your potential plastic surgeons about their experience, credentials, and education. Dr. Nykiel in Ontario, CA has specific training and education in fat harvesting, fat grafting, and liposculpture, so he can help smooth out unattractive liposuction treatments, and help you achieve your results. Schedule a consultation with Butts by Design for Revision Liposuction surgery 909-340-3300 today.

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