Butt Implants

Butt Implants

Butt Implants

Butt Implants

At Butts By Design®, we get patients of all shapes and sizes, some who have a lot less fat than others. If patients with a lower body fat wish for a bigger butt, we recommend butt implants, fillers, and/or a combination if there is not enough or too little body fat that can be used for fat grafting. Depending on the specific patient and her/his goals, we may use liposuction and fat grafting in combination with butt implants to achieve the best results. Your Ontario plastic surgeon will discuss all of the butt augmentation options we have available at Butts By Design during your consultation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Butt Implants?

Our first recommendation for butt enhancement is a Brazilian Butt Lift (liposuction and fat grafting); however, there are some patients who don’t have the necessary fat available to make this an option or they are wanting a size/contour change that needs more than their current fat can offer. Luckily, there is the option of butt implants. With butt implants, we always try to include any liposuction and fat grafting possible to help contour the body and butt for better results! Schedule a consultation to find out if butt implants are the right option for you.

The Procedure

Depending on your consultation with our plastic surgeon he will determine if your butt augmentation will include only butt implants, liposuction with fat grafting and fat transfer to the butt and hips, fillers, or a combination. The first step, regardless of which procedure you have chosen, will be the placement of the butt implant. The doctor will place your butt implants either above or below the muscle depending on your preference. The implants are made from soft silicone and are inserted through a small incision. The size used is based on how much bigger you want your butt to appear and how much your skin will stretch. Think of it like filling a water balloon under a faucet; you can leave the balloon under the faucet forever…it will only stretch so much.

After the implants are placed, if you and the doctor felt the liposuction would improve you contour, the doctor will perform the liposculpture or liposuction to contour and sculpt the body. This is usually done in the back, flanks, abdomen or thigh areas to help contour the body into an hourglass shape to accentuate curves. If fat grafting will also be performed with the implant, then the fat extracted is filtered, cleaned, and washed to purify the fat and prepare the fat for redistribution. Next, the purified fat from liposuction is then injected into the butt to contour a nice shape. Why combine fat grafting with an implant? The fat helps to soften the implant and further round out and volumize the butt. It also gets rid of any pesky fat or stubborn fat pockets from developing and overall creates a more natural look.


Recovery from a butt augmentation number one recovery rule is staying off your butt as much as possible during the initial healing periods! There are pressure off-loading pillows that help make this easier for you by allowing you to sit with all your weight on your thighs. Swelling from the implant placement and liposuction (if you have liposuction performed) is totally normal after surgery. While the swelling takes weeks to go down, you will be able to see your results of a rounder and fuller butt with an improved torso immediately after surgery. However, you won’t see your final results until you are completely healed, usually by 6 weeks post-surgery; and that just means your hour-glass figure will just keep getting better as the swelling goes down! The recovery period is very important. We provide you with a complete post-operative recovery protocol so that you have an overview of what to expect. Your doctor may adjust the protocol as needed. It is extremely important that you follow the post-operative recovery protocol, as failing to follow instructions can change the end results.

Butt Implants Overview

For most of us, it is refreshing that healthier and more robust figures are now becoming trendy and desirable. This ensures that more and more people can feel confident about more realistic weights and even more muscular frames. However, not everyone has the extra “padding” that creates those coveted curves, and it is why butt implants are becoming a more and more common treatment. At Butts By Design in Ontario, we are able to offer a few approaches to butt enhancement through simple and effective plastic surgery, and this includes the use of fat transfers as well as implants.

Schedule Your Buttocks Implants Consultation Today

If you are interested in enhancing the size of your butt, or want an hourglass figure, schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon to find out which butt augmentation option is right for you. You can schedule a consultation that takes place at our Ontario office or you can schedule a Skype consultation if you are out of town. Get in touch with us by calling 909-291-4900 or visit our Contact page to fill out our online contact form.

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