Butt Injection

Butt Injection

Butt Injection

Butt Injections

Are you self-conscious of your small, sagging, or mushy butt? Sometimes getting a firmer and larger butt can take more than squats and arduous dieting. There are many cosmetic surgery routes you can take to get a more voluptuous and firm butt.
For patients who are looking for a quick and simple way to get a perkier butt, Dr. Matthew Nykiel at Butts by Design in Ontario, CA offers butt injections. Unlike other forms of butt augmentations, butt injections are a minimally invasive way to get a more shapely and beautiful butt.

What are Butt Injections?

Butt injections are a cosmetic treatment that help patients achieve an enhanced shape and size of their buttocks. During butt injection treatments, a substance is injected into the buttocks, increasing the size of the patient’s buttocks. Butt injections can be inserted anywhere in the buttocks to contour the butt, even out smaller areas, and make the buttocks look more proportional.
Butt injections are an integral part in Brazilian Butt Lifts, a common cosmetic buttocks augmentation procedure. Before beginning your butt injection treatment, Dr. Nykiel will assess the size and shape of your buttocks to see which area will benefit more from injections. Then, Dr. Nykiel will expertly place injections in specific areas, helping you achieve your desired buttocks shape. A commonly requested butt shape is the “upside-down heart,” while rarer cases request a rounded “C” shaped butt.

Who is a Candidate for Butt Injections?

The ideal candidate for butt injections vary case by case. There are a number of factors that can cause your buttocks shape to lose girth, leading you to want to increase your butt’s size. The most common candidates for butt injections are patients undergoing a loss of buttocks shape, due to weight loss, aging, or changes in hormone levels. Some candidates choose to get butt injections due to unequal distribution of fat and muscle in the buttocks, resulting in a loose, saggy-looking butt.

Types of Butt Injections

Depending on your unique goals, there are two main types of butt injections: fat injections and collagen fillers.

Buttock Collagen Fillers

Collagen fillers are often used to improve firmness in the face. However, they are also sometimes used in butt augmentations. Collagen injections are a less invasive version of butt augmentation, since they do not require fat extraction. However, they can be less effective and more risky, as far as rejection goes. Collagen fillers are typically used in buttocks augmentations for candidates that are only looking for a moderate butt augmentation, or patients who do not have enough fat anywhere else on their body for fat transfer.

Fat Injections in the Buttocks

Fat injections for the buttocks are a two part process. First, fat is removed using a liposuction technique from designated areas of your body. Typically, it is extracted from the stomach, hips, or thighs. Second, the fat is purified and then it is injected back into specific areas of the buttocks. The technique in which the fat is injected into the buttocks makes the butt look smooth and full, as well as evenly distributed.

Benefits of Butt Injections

Both types of butt injections provide a range of benefits over other butt augmentation procedures. Some of the primary benefits of butt injections over other butt augmentation surgeries, include:

  • Faster treatment sessions

  • Quicker recovery time after treatment

  • Less invasive treatment

  • More natural looking results

Recovery from Butt Injections

While butt injections are substantially less invasive than other buttocks augmentations, you will still need to make some small lifestyle changes during your healing period. After treatment, you might experience soreness, discoloration, and bruising.
If you’ve undergone fat injections, your body might reabsorb some of the fat, which can reduce the results. The final results of your treatment will be visible about 2-4 months after your treatment. Dr. Nykiel will give you tips for a more effective healing, including the following:

  • Wear compression under pants for about two weeks after treatment

  • Undergo therapeutic treatments, like massage

  • Eat a high-carb diet to promote healing and fat retention

  • Avoid exercising for about a month

  • Avoid tight clothing

  • Avoid sleeping on your back by sleeping on your side or stomach

  • When sitting, try and use a cushion or pillow under your buttocks

Results of Butt Injections

Results from butt injections vary from patient to patient. Directly following your treatment, you might experience some swelling and fluid retention. After your swelling improves, you can expect a more voluptuous and rounder buttocks. As a result, you will experience increased self-esteem and confidence.
Collagen fillers can last for up to two years, while fat injections will last much longer. After receiving fat injections, you should try and avoid excessive weight loss. With that said, it would be beneficial to try and reach your ideal weight before treatment, so you will not need to lose weight in other parts of your body, and diminish the size of your new buttocks.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Butt Injections

While butt injections are less invasive than other butt augmentation treatments, it is still important to find an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. When done incorrectly, butt injections can look unnatural or show little enhancement.
Dr. Matthew Nykiel at Butts by Design in Ontario, CA is a board certified plastic surgeon with advanced fellowship training in a variety of cosmetic treatments. Dr. Nykiel also has exceptional experience in butt augmentations with unique training in fat harvest for fat injections.
Ready to take the next step in enhancing your shape with butt injections? Schedule a consultation with Butts by Design today at 909-340-3300.

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