Meet Dr. Nykiel

Meet Dr. Nykiel

Meet Dr. Nykiel

Meet Dr. Nykiel

The Unsurpassed Cosmetic Experience:

Doctor Matthew J. Nykiel and Butts by Design® are becoming one of the most recognized Cosmetic and Aesthetic Doctors/Brands. Why? Unlike other practices/establishments Dr. Nykiel and Butts By Design® take a unique and different approach to Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: treat and embrace the person’s life as a whole. The unprecedented approach stops the focus on “just the surgery” and shifts the light to “the experience.” So what are the objectives Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel and his entire team focuses on:

Our Goals:

  1. Empower Self Expression

What Does this Mean and Why Does it Matter? Because each person is unique and different. Individuality should be celebrated and not squashed. The tenement of empowering self-expression also limits judgments and creates a “safe” area. An area where individuals are free to discuss their goals, wants, and needs. The tenement also ensures Dr. Nykiel and his team listen to you and understand what brought you to their establishment.

  1. Achieve People’s Goals

On the surface, this appears straight forward… and at times it is: a patient wanting a bigger butt gets a butt augmentation. However, there are a number of times that the individual is simply seeking a change. Or maybe there is a major life milestone the individual wants to celebrate. Whatever the reason(s), we will listen and help you to achieve your goals as best as we are able.

  1. Make People Happier and Create a Positive Experience

Why is this last? Because it is THE MOST IMPORTANT. There are times that surgery may not and is not the answer. It is our goal to make sure that we explain to you why you should not do it and what are better alternatives. It is our hope that by taking the extra time to explain this to you, we can provide a more meaningful and lasting positive experience to you.

Conversely, more often than not, cosmetic surgery will empower your self expression and achieve or further your goals. Our hope and goal is that by investing the time in you, we will make a positive difference in your life.

Now that you understand our mission and philosophy, let us discuss with you about Dr. Matthew J Nykiel’s Training and Expertise.

About Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel:

Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Trained

Dr. Nykiel is one of a handful of surgeons who completed a Cosmetic Fellowship. His cosmetic fellowship is extremely prestigious because it is endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (also known as ASAP). Why is that a big deal? Because ASAP is the ONLY cosmetic group composed entirely of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. The fellowship is even more prestigious when we discuss how rare it is: 14 spots in the world! The completion of the fellowship is a true mark of Cosmetic Surgical Craftsmanship and Expertise.

Stanford University

Doctor Matthew J. Nykiel was also previously a member of the Stanford University Plastic Surgery Faculty and is Stanford University Alumni. Stanford University is one of the top Universities and Medical Centers in the world and Dr. Nykiel both trained and taught at Stanford University. Again, he has invested his time and been accepted into the premier locations in the world to learn the art of Plastic Surgery so that he can provide his best possible results to you.

Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Board Certification absolutely matters! It represents the commitment to both the safe practice of medicine (including Plastic Surgery) and to you as a patient and consumer. Dr. Matthew J Nykiel is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is currently the ONLY true and recognized Board to certify Plastic Surgery (and thus true Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery).

Indiana University & Saint Louis University

Dr. Nykiel received his Medical Degree from Indiana University. After medical school, he was immediately accepted into a sought-after Plastic Surgery Residency in St. Louis. During his residency, Dr. Nykiel’s peers elected him to the Graduate Medical Education Committee where he served to provide oversight for the graduate medical education programs to the University. In addition, he was also selected as the Administrative Chief Resident by the Plastic Surgery Division. Another example of Dr. Nykiel’s Long List of Awards and Recognitions.

Where have you seen Dr Nykiel?

Dr. Matthew Nykiel is most often recognized as a member of the Dr. Miami Squad. He has been a member of the squad for since 2017 and makes appearances on his shows/snaps. In addition Dr. Nykiel has been published in New Beauty Magazine. Dr. Nykiel has appeared on Sirius XM The Doctors Channel. He has appeared on FuseTV. In addition, he frequently appears/speaks on Los Angeles Radio Stations and iHeartMedia. Dr. Nykiel has also appeared and was a founding member of the Plastic Surgery Channel on Instagram. Currently he is recognized by Haute Beauty as one of the top Body Sculptors in the Country. He is further recognized by: Doctor’s Choice Awards, Top100 Doctors and many more! Finally, Dr. Nykiel is a Certified VASER Liposuction Trainer. National and International physicians/surgeons seek him out to learn his techniques!

Doctor Nykiel also has a strong presence on social media (Instagram: @SoCalPlasticSurgeon, @ButtsByDesign. Snapchat: ButtsByDesign. YouTube: ButtsByDesign, ButtsBoobsandBeyond.) On his channels, Dr. Nykiel attempts to de-mystify Plastic Surgery by showing live surgeries and providing education.

Dr Nykiel’s Specialty: Hour-Glass Body Sculpting

Dr. Nykiel is known as one of the World’s Best Hour Glass Body Sculptors. He does this by incorporating liposuction, fat transfers, breast augmentations/lifts, and tummy tucks to create the hourglass. He is the creator of the Mom to Milf Makeover®. Dr. Nykiel’s practice has evolved to cater to traveling patients as he has become well known (although the locals still get in!).

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Dr. Nykiel is now a certified international and national VASER Lipo Trainer

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