Fat Transfer to Breast Overview

Fat Transfer to Breast Overview

Fat Transfer to Breast Overview

Fat Transfer to Breast Overview

Any woman who has considered breast enhancement typically hesitates because it is known as a treatment with a long recovery time, the need for implants, and a full-blown surgery that requires anesthesia and other risks. Fortunately, Butts By Design in Ontario offers fat transfer to breast treatments that eliminate all of those issues. Also known as a natural breast augmentation, fat transfer or fat grafting to the breasts is a form of plastic surgery that is not surgery at all!

How Fat Transfer to Breast Works

As your trusted plastic surgeon in Ontario, we can provide this sort of breast augmentation, and you may find it far more comfortable than other approaches to breast enhancement. The way it works is actually fascinating. It begins with some liposuction on areas of stored fat; typically, your thighs, abdomen or hips. We then process the fat and sterilize it before we do the fat transfer to breast tissue.

When this treatment is done by a skilled plastic surgeon, it allows us to create much fuller and more natural looking breasts, and without all of the worries and potential complications of implant surgery. You also get minimal downtime because the only invasive procedure is the liposuction, which can be done using a variety of technologies.

What to Expect

Patients who opt for the fat transfer to breast treatment find that they have only slight discomfort with the process, and this is usually associated with the lipo and not the injections themselves. They have no scarring and see their breast or cup size increase by at least one to two cups. The shape and fullness of the breasts is restored through this treatment, and there are also the advantages of lipo. After all, we can remove unwanted or difficult to eliminate areas of fat to use for the treatment, sculpting your legs, abdomen or hips while improving the volume and looks of your breasts.

Imagine coming into our office with your current figure and leaving with a fuller bust and slenderer waist, the absence of saddle bags or thinner legs, and all without any risk for unnatural results or surgical issues like encapsulation of implants or scarring.

Interested in a Natural Breast Augmentation?

Does this treatment appeal to your needs or goals? If so, book a consultation by giving us a call at our Ontario, CA office at 909-340-3300. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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