Fat grafting to the butt

Fat grafting to the butt

Fat grafting to the butt

Fat grafting to the butt

An increasing number of women are seeking larger and curvier butts, so they can feel more attractive and confident. Whether you have been born with a naturally flat butt, or if you have lost volume or definition as a result of weight loss, fat grafting can transform the appearance of your buttocks.
While fat grafting has existed for years, more contemporary techniques allow us to successfully use fat grafts to enhance the appearance of your buttocks.

What does fat grafting involve?

Fat grafting involves taking fat from another part of the body, often where there is an excess amount, such as the stomach or thighs, then injecting it into an area which you wish to enlarge in this case, the butt.

Transferring fat using fat grafts is a great alternative to using artificial implants. Plus fat grafts have the added benefit of removing fat fi'om unwanted areas to create the look that the patient desires.

Benefits of fat grafting to the butt

Fat grafting is an immensely popular alternative to using silicone implants because of the unique benefits that the procedure offers. These include:

  • The fat is completely natural and from your own body, meaning that rejection rates are extremely low.

  • Adds volume and a more defined shape to the butt, creating the sexy curves that are so desired by women today.

  • Using body fat creates a more natural, aesthetically pleasing result.

  • The procedure is minimally invasive, as the fat can be injected into the body through small incisions compared to those required to insert silicone

  • implants.

  • Minimally invasive treatment also means a faster and less complicated recovery, allowing you to return to your regular life much sooner than you may anticipate.

  • Scarring is also minimal due to the small entry point used to inject the fat into the butt.

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