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For decades, surgical lifting and tightening procedures like facelifts and body lifts were the only options for addressing sagging skin. Fortunately, recent years have brought us some truly remarkable cosmetic technologies, and we can now provide beautiful results without the downtime, discomfort or cost of major surgery.

At Butts By Design, we are always on the lookout for effective solutions for patients who aren’t ready for surgery or who want to enhance their surgical procedures — and we’re excited to offer Renuvion.

What Is Renuvion?

Loss of tissue elasticity and tone are among the first signs of aging. Renuvion is a soft tissue coagulation device. Almost any area of the body can be treated with this minimally-invasive procedure.

Renuvion is gentle yet produces improvements previously unobtainable with non-surgical solutions. On average, Renuvion causes soft tissues contraction by 30% over six months after the treatment. It can be used in a standalone procedure or as an addition to another procedure like liposuction.

Are Renuvion and J-Plasma the Same Thing?

Yes, Renuvion and J-Plasma are the same device and technology. J-Plasma underwent a re-branding in 2019 and is now called Renuvion.

How Does Renuvion Work?

Renuvion utilizes energy to rapidly heat and cool the skin and soft tissue. This energy transfer causes the skin and soft tissue to contract. The device incorporates two different energy mechanisms:

  1. Radiofrequency waves
  2. Helium gas that is turned into plasma

Radiofrequency (RF) energy heats the deep tissues under the skin’s surface, trigging an immediate contraction and encouraging collagen production.

Cold helium plasma (hence the device’s former name, J-Plasma) simultaneously ​​​​provides a cooling effect, maintaining patient comfort and protecting surrounding tissues from the heat generated by the RF energy.

The dual combination of radiofrequency waves and helium plasma in Renuvioncreates immediate results and continues to improve soft tissues over six months.

What Is Renuvion Used For?

Renuvion is so versatile that it can be used nearly anywhere on the body to improve the appearance of loose or sagging soft tissues. Common problem areas we treat at Butts By Design include:

  • Upper face — forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes
  • Jawline (jowls)
  • Under the chin
  • Neck
  • Chest and décolletage
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Inner and outer thighs

While its results can be significant, Renuvion does not replace skin removal procedures, including tummy tucks, arms lifts, breast lifts and thigh lifts.

What Is the Difference Between Renuvion and BodyTite?

Having experienced many devices over his years in practice, Dr. Nykiel believes Renuvion is a far superior product to BodyTite. He became a key opinion leader (KOL) and surgeon trainer for Renuvion in recognition of the excellent results he has achieved with the device.
“The reasons I feel Renuvion is better are threefold:

  1. Long-Term Results: In my experience, Renuvion creates better results and the results last longer than BodyTite
  2. Decreased Risk of Burns: BodyTite requires constant monitoring of the external skin temperature to avoid reaching harmful levels
  3. Speed of Use: Renuvion allows for efficient treatment of multiple areas, while BodyTite requires ​​significantly longer treatment times per area”

-Dr. Nykiel

Does Renuvion Actually Work?

We feel Renuvion significantly improves results from liposuction because of the soft tissue coagulation. For patients lacking skin elasticity and tone, skin retraction might not be sufficient after liposuction, leading to an unsatisfying result. This was one of the limitations of liposuction. Now, we are able to increase that tightening on average by 30%!

Renuvion works great for improving soft tissue elasticity in patients with mild soft tissue laxity. Renuvion also works well for weight loss patients desiring additional contouring after their skin removal procedures. In our practice, we frequently recommend using Renuvion with liposuction and we believe our results show why!

How Much Does Renuvion Cost?

Renuvion is a surgical procedure that causes soft tissue coagulation. The time and work involved are equivalent to liposuction. Therefore, the costs are similar to liposuction. At Butts By Design, we recommend adding Renuvion to all of our liposuction procedures because the results are superior to either procedure alone. Since we feel the two work so well together, we offer substantial combination discounts for Renuvion and liposuction.

How Long Does Renuvion Skin Tightening Last?

In our experience, the results of Renuvion skin tightening are permanent. We have a number of long-term photos that show the great results and long-term follow-up with Renuvion. However, there is no procedure in all of cosmetic medicine that can stop the aging or lifestyle process. Your skin will continue to lose elasticity with age, sun damage and lifestyle, so it’s important to maintain healthy habits.

What Vitamins Help Sagging Skin?

Renuvion requires lifestyle maintenance to see lasting results. This is similar to how liposuction requires healthy balanced eating and regular exercise to maintain results. The number one factor in maintaining skin health is sun protection. This should be done with both appropriate clothing and an SPF 30 sunscreen re-applied per the specific sunscreen directions (typically every two hours).

A combination of vitamins A, E and C can help improve your skin health and maintain results after Renuvion. Vitamin A helps your immune system and improves hydration effects in your skin. Vitamin C is a workhorse for creating mature, healthy collagen. Vitamin E has a number of additive effects that enhance skin health.

What is the FDA Warning about Renuvion & J-Plasma?

The FDA has approved Renuvion/J-Plasma for soft tissue coagulation. Soft tissue coagulation helps to decrease the risk of bleeding after liposuction. Renuvion has a side effect of soft tissue contraction (firmer skin and soft tissues). However, the device is not approved or indicated to “tighten your skin”. The soft tissue contraction happens as a side effect to utilizing the Renuvion as indicated for soft tissue coagulation. Utilizing the device to “visualize” or “watch” skin tighten creates a high risk of a heat/thermal burn and is NOT recommended. Hence the FDA warning against “skin tightening” with or without liposuction.

In my practice, I utilize Renuvion in line with the soft tissue coagulation indications; the device helps to decrease the risk of bleeding and improve laxity of soft tissues.

Experience Renuvion in Southern California

The world of skin tightening is advancing quickly. New technologies allow us to provide patients with the refined body contours they desire in less time and with better results.

For more information about Renuvion (J-Plasma), contact Butts By Design to request a consultation with Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel. Our practice serves Newport Beach, Upland and the surrounding areas of Southern California.

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