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What is VASER Liposuction?

VASER® Liposuction is a specific type of liposuction that is a 2 part procedure. Step 1 utilizes Ultrasonic sound waves to help disrupt the fat cells and allow the fat to be removed (the VASER part). Step 2 utilizes a traditional suction tube to remove the fat that has been disrupted by the VASER.

VASER stands for: Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance

What is the Advantage of VASER?

There are a number of advantages to VASER liposuction over traditional liposuction. The surgeon is able to remove the fat easier because the ultrasound has disrupted the fat cell attachments to the surrounding body. Since the removal process is easier (less traumatic) to the body, the recovery process and pain after procedure is significantly less than traditional liposuction methods.*

The Ultrasound and power liposuction can help to tighten the skin.* The combination of fat removal and skin tightening helps to provide superior results over traditional methods. The results have allowed VASER liposuction to be another option for patients who need a “mini” or small tummy tuck.*

VASER produces uniform and diffuse Ultrasound waves to disrupt the fat. The uniform wave creation helps to decrease the chance of contour irregularities and/or liposuction “divots” or “dimples” … a sure giveaway that liposuction has been performed. With VASER, We like to keep them guessing!*

The energy (Ultrasound waves) have been shown to improve cellulite! This is one of the few procedures that will actually show an improvement to cellulite!*

Finally, because the fat is easier to liposuction (remove) after VASER is performed, the surgeon is able to focus more of his/her artistic skill on the end results… this is the sculpting portion that, in our opinion, allows for the excellent results and separates VASER liposuction from all other forms of liposuction.

VASER and Fat Transfers (Breast and Butt BBL)

A Scientific article (or peer reviewed and published study) has been performed and shows a better fat transfer rate than by traditional liposuction methods. What does that mean? It means, based on the study, more of the fat transferred will actually stay after the procedure is performed and that means, typically, a better result.*

What Does it Mean to be a VASER Certified Trainer?

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel has been performing VASER liposuction since 2016. His surgical results were noticed by the VASER team in 2018. Dr. Nykiel was asked to become part of the team and teach his surgical skills to surgeons looking to implement VASER liposuction into their practice. Dr. Nykiel has trained surgeons from the USA and abroad!

Can Anyone be a Certified VASER Trainer?

No. Surgeons that are identified by VASER as having exceptional and reproducible results are designated from the company as certified VASER trainers. The award/recognition from VASER is a huge honor! Literally, Dr. Nykiel has been identified to help teach/train surgeons throughout the world!

Does it matter if YOU go to a Certified VASER Trainer?

As the patient and consumer, you have the ability to choose your surgeon. You have the option of having VASER liposuction performed by the Certified VASER Trainer…or the Trainee… which option would you prefer? Personally, we choose the Trainer and the Experience every time!