Choosing the Correct Cosmetic Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The choice for cosmetic surgery is not one that should be taken lightly. You want to ensure that you choose the correct Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with an office and staff that will take care of you. Unfortunately, the current landscape is clouded with “buyer-be-ware” individuals practicing procedures they have zero training in…sometimes it is the family doctor…sometimes a dentist…other times it is a nurse… or even an individual who never had medical training!

The best way to determine if you have a chosen the right Surgeon and the right Office is to meet the individuals; ask questions about the potential surgical options; express your goals and determine if the potential surgery will achieve your goals. We understand that life is busy and in order to provide you the most convenient options we have 2 locations in Southern California: Newport Beach and Upland (Inland Empire).

Two Locations for Convenient Consultations

Southern California (SoCal) is a bustling super-city. While we love the Southern California region we quickly realized that one location was simply not enough to provide service to the region. Therefore, we have two locations providing service to Orange County, Los Angeles Metro, and the Inland Empire. Our Orange County Office is located in Newport Beach across from Fashion Island within the well-known, recognized, and respected Avocado Avenue District. The office has beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Newport Beach. Due to the offices’ close proximity to the retail districts of Newport Beach, our office has a number of luxurious stay options from high-end hotels to VRBO/Airbnb beachfront homes. A relaxing and healing way to recover from surgery! The office is also located near the LA-Orange County Airport (SNA) for ultimate travel convenience…forget the hassles of LAX Airport!

Our Inland Empire (IE) Office is located in Upland, California. The office is centrally located in the IE region. It is down the street from the LA-ONT International Airport and near the I-15/I-10 Interchange. Our office has beautiful breath-taking views of the Mountains. We have a number of hotel options near the airport and our surgery center. For the locals driving to our office, we are centrally located and easily accessible by the I-10, I-15, I-210, & the 60 for effortless road travels (outside of normal SoCal traffic).

We also understand that many of our patients are from out-of-town, out-of-state, or international… maybe even if you are a local you may not always be able to make an “in-person” consultation and for this reason, we offer a virtual consult!

Meet Your Surgeon Face To Face, Virtually

While “in-person” consultations are still crucial before any treatment is performed, a Virtual Consultation can be an excellent way for you to have a meeting with Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel. During your Virtual Consultation, you will have the chance to review the procedure, express your goals, and discuss if the potential surgery will achieve your goals. In addition, we will be able to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. Your time is valuable… and this is why we offer all of the above from the ease of your home (or where ever you choose to be!).

Scheduling Your Virtual Consultation

In order to initiate the consultation, please email me, fill out the virtual consult form, or call our office at (949)-416-0038. The virtual consult form has all of the information that we need. If you are emailing or calling us to schedule a virtual consult, please be prepared to provide: details of the procedure you are inquiring on, what days/times work best for you, and a contact phone number. After receiving this information, our office will contact you; confirm the date and time, and confirm your contact information.

Surgery is Scheduled after Virtual Consultation…Now What???

Patient safety is our most important office principle and this is especially true with our patients traveling for surgery. In order to prepare for surgery and your upcoming travels we will:

  • Plan pre-operative labs & testing. Typically this is done at our office, but if anything is needed prior to traveling; we will let you know.
  • Provide you with a detailed explanation of what will be performed. We ask that you provide this to your Doctor so that he/she knows about your upcoming procedure and will be aware your treatment should you need evaluation when back at home.
  • Educate you and your loved ones on the surgery, postoperative recovery, and how this interplays with your travels.
  • We have secured discounted rates at hotels and are will provide you with the information.
  • Plan the Length of Stay. This includes our in-person consultation, pre-operative evaluation, and post-operative recovery. This varies by the procedure and can change depending on your recovery.

Offices in the Bustling SoCal Area, But Secluded from the Public

Experience the ease of traveling to an office located in the major metropolitan Southern California area, but rest assured that the hustle and bustle of the city will be removed. This allows for a private and restful healing experience.

After you rest and recuperate, we encourage our patients to experience the sights and sounds of Southern California! From the oceans to the Mountains, shopping to sight-seeing, restaurant eating or just resting in the unique climate of Southern California!

Don’t Want the Hassle? Have a Travel Concierge Take Care of Everything!

We get it, traveling can be a massive hassle and a huge pain! We understand life would be so much simpler if someone else could arrange all the travel. This is why we have retained the services of a Travel Concierge! If you would like to utilize their services, our office will have the Travel Concierge contact you and arrange all travel. What do we mean by all travel? Hotel, Airfare, Transportation. What if you want to stay for awhile after and go to Disney? No problem, they do that. What about boating? No problem they do that too. What about a Spa day. Yep, they arrange that also. Car services? Yes! … What if you have your own plane and need the airport scheduling done in conjunction with your pilot(s)? Not a Problem! What if you are yachting in and need a slip? They do that TOO! When we say full service, we mean full service!

Sometimes traveling is stressful and you just want a point of contact at all times working for you!

Safety and Excellence by Board Certified Plastic Surgery!

Experience first-class Cosmetic Surgery from Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Matthew J Nykiel, MD. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a unique and highly sought after double fellowship sub-specialization in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery! We have the ultimate Travel-for-Surgery convenience by providing:

Initial virtual meet-and-greet

Surgery planning with convenient travel access to our offices

Ability to Utilize a Personal Travel Concierge

Secluded and Private treatment facilities

Access to all the greats sights that Southern California has to offer after your recovery!

We Specialize in Travel Surgery! Find out Why!

To Begin the Process, Please email me, fill out the virtual consult form, or call our office at 949-416-0038

Patient Reviews

What Others Are Saying

5/5Review Rating

Love My New Butt

I went to Dr. Nykiel for a consult to see what he could do about my odd shaped flat butt. I always wanted a nice round butt but all the squats in the world didn’t work. I finally decided it was time to do something about it and I couldn’t be happier with my new butt! It matches the rest of my body now and I have a nice curvy shape.

Extremely Love My Results

After 3 Other consultations, I was still not convinced I had found my surgeon until my 4th and last consultation which was with Dr. Nykiel The moment I walked into his office I felt appreciated and loves. I’m now 2 weeks post-op and I extremely love my results.

What an Amazing Experience

What an amazing experience! Dr. Nykiel is a caring and thorough surgeon. The Office staff helpful and caring. All questions answered. Great care throughout! I would do it again in a heartbeat! The recovery time has been easy!

I Highly Recommend Him

I had a rapture of my implants done by a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon (Dr. Brian Novack) but I decided to have it fixed by Dr. Nykiel. I was looking for plastic surgeons in our area and for some reason, I had this gut feeling about him. I found him to be professional, compassionate and his staff is manned by efficient people. I’m very pleased with the results and I highly recommend him!

Leah Canillas

My Experience Was Very Pleasant!

I highly recommend Dr. Nykiel to everyone! My experience was very pleasant! and the outcome of his work was excellent! Prior visiting his office, I visited a different plastic surgeon. I decided on proceeding with Dr. Nykiel because of the professional experience on the day of my evaluation. The excellent customer service proceeded on all of my future visits. The actual procedure was completed accurately with no problems!

Elia Evans