VASER Training - For Physicians

VASER Training - For Physicians

VASER Training - For Physicians


Are you a surgeon that is interested in becoming trained in VASER Liposuction?

What is VASER:

VASERlipo® is precise ultrasound-assisted technology combining mechanical and acoustic fragmentation/emulsification of fat designed to maximize procedure speed and efficiency while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissue.

The VASER Advantage:

Provides surgeons with advanced technology to create dramatic contouring compared to traditional liposuction
Enhanced skin retraction for smooth results compared to traditional liposuction
Treat multiple areas in a single procedure
Less pain, swelling and downtime than traditional liposuction
Immediate and precise sculpting vs. non-invasive treatments

Course Details:

A 3 part course that provides you with an in-depth look and feel at VASER Liposuction techniques. The course consists of: an observation day with educational discussions and handouts, practicum day training with hands on experience, and a post-practicum follow up with Dr. Nykiel.

**A California Medical License and patients who have agreed to participate are necessary if you would like to include the hands on experience portion into your training. We can help assist with licensure if interested.

The course includes handouts/information to prepare the doctors for the before, during, and after care of the patient i.e: markings, consents, post-operative care etc.

In this course you will learn:

Basic science/technology behind VASER liposuction.

How to mark liposuction patients.

How to perform VASER liposuction from access incision placement to surgical technique.

Pearls on Post-Operative Care.

Pre and Post-Operative management of the patient.

In this course you will try:

VASER Liposuction techniques on patients that have agreed to allow us to train. The areas of liposuction can be tailored to the trainee. Fat Transfer with VASER is also an option.

Course Materials:

Handouts on Marking Liposuction Patients*

Handouts on Access Incision*

Handouts on Technique*

Handouts on Pre-Operative Workup and Consents

Handouts on Post Operative Care*

*Digital Downloads/Videos also accompany Paper Version


Surgical Residency Trained*,**

*Observation can be performed by any speciality, Hands on Surgical Training will ONLY be offered to Physicians with Surgical Residency Training*

**MUST Have California Medical License to Perform Surgery**

We will help assist to get California Medical License for Physicians out of State. Ultimately, California Medical Licenses are granted by the state, and we have no control over granting of Medical Licenses either temporary or permanent.

Course Location:

Ontario, CA

Newport Beach, CA

Cost to Attend: Ranges from $5000 - $7500 depending on case complexity, curriculum tailored to you, and number of cases. Group rates available for multiple physicians. Email to inquire.

Why Bring the WHOLE team?
Because the whole team needs to be comfortable with VASER. Our Scrub Tech can review with your scrub tech set up, pearls, trouble shooting etc. Our Nurses can review with your nurses how to care, clean, and set-up the machine.

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