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Dr. Nykiel is one of few plastic surgeons who hold a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery, a large accomplishment. With Dr. Nykiel’s expertise and team of highly trained professionals, patients can expect to achieve their goals in a friendly and inviting environment. Here are a few of our featured cases

Meet Dr. Nykiel

Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel devoted extensive time to perfecting his expertise as a plastic surgeon. This is a result of his belief that elegant cosmetic results directly correlate with precise technique and prudent training. Dr. Nykiel, therefore, attained a double sub-specialty within Plastic Surgery to gain an exclusive skill set. His expertise is how he consistently provides patients with satisfactory results every day.

Dr. Nykiel is now a certified international and national Vaser Lipo Trainer!

What's New at The Office

Procedures We Offer

Brazilian Butt Lifts are currently one of the top most requested procedures in plastic surgery, and we specialize in them so much that we put it in our name! If a patient is seeking the perfect hourglass figure, it can easily be accomplished with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will discuss your goals and what needs to be done to accomplish them.

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Dr. Matthew Nykiel is a board-certified plastic surgeon with training in multiple liposuction techniques, allowing us to tailor your treatment to your unique body type and situation. Are you ready to take the next step in enhancing your figure with liposuction?

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Breast augmentation surgery uses artificial implants to increase the size, shape and overall appearance of the breasts. Implants can also be used to create a more balanced symmetry, in cases where one breast is noticeably larger than the other.​​​​​​​

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Are you not seeing the abs you want from sit-ups, crunches, or pilates? Sometimes too much excess skin or stretched out muscles from child birthing can make it impossible to get a flat stomach through diet and exercise alone. Tummy tuck surgery flattens the stomach by removing extra skin and fat around the stomach while pulling the abdominal wall taut. Typically, abdominoplasty is done after pregnancy or extensive weight loss, when the patient’s skin has become stretched out.

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Aesthetic & Cosmetic breast revisions and/or secondary (sometimes tertiary) surgeries are difficult cases and it is especially hard to establish a natural and elegant result. I have a unique training background and expertise that is specifically geared toward this type of surgery. I am double sub-specialty fellowship trained in both Aesthetic, Cosmetic, & Reconstructive breast. I am able to draw on both training backgrounds and offer a highly unique and specialized procedure to treat rare and/or difficult problems to the cosmetic breast.

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At Butts By Design®, we get patients of all shapes and sizes, some who have a lot less fat than others. If patients with a lower body fat wish for a bigger butt, we recommend butt implants, fillers, and/or a combination if there is not enough or too little body fat that can be used for fat grafting. Depending on the specific patient and her/his goals, we may use liposuction and fat grafting in combination with butt implants to achieve the best results. Your Newport Beach plastic surgeon will discuss all of the butt augmentation options we have available at Butts By Design during your consultation.

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Out Of Town

Patients shouldn’t settle for their plastic surgeon because of location. We offer help for out of town patients so they can choose the best surgeon for the job.

Skype Consult

If you are from out of town and are interested in working with Dr. Nykiel, your consultation can be conducted from anywhere through Skype.

Traveling to our Offices

We have offices in Newport Beach & Upland, California. We are conveniently located near the LA-ONT & O.C. (SNA) International Airports. At each location, the surgery center, our office, and the airport are centrally located for ease of travel.

Concierge Traveling Services

We offer our traveling patients full concierge traveling services that includes everything from travel reservations, transportation, hotel reservations, dining recommendations, and reservations, ordering healing / wellness equipment, and lastly, arranging and scheduling.

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