Real Patient Results

For many women, the shape, size, and overall appearance of their breasts can make or break their confidence. Women who are unhappy with their breasts can find that it impacts the clothes that they wear, their self-esteem, and their personal relationships.Larger, fuller and perkier breasts that still look beautifully natural are now more achievable than ever before. Breast augmentation surgery gives women the opportunity to create the figure that they have always imagined.

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery uses artificial implants to increase the size, shape and overall appearance of the breasts. Implants can also be used to create a more balanced symmetry, in cases where one breast is noticeably larger than the other.

What breast implants are available?

There are two distinct varieties of implant used in breast augmentation surgery. Which is right for you will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

Silicone implants

Silicone implants are one of the most commonly used implants in breast augrnentations. They are pre-filled and come in a variety of sizes. However, these sizes cannot be adjusted once in place, so it is important to be completely satisfied with the projected size and appearance of your breasts before committing to using silicone implants. Silicone implants are generally considered to look and feel most like natural breast tissue.

Saline implants

Saline implants are inserted while empty, then they are filled with saline, solution to reach your desired size. This enables Dr. Nykiel to adjust th amount of the solution, and build up your implant to the size and shape that you have chosen.